What to share with your employer

What to share with your employer

When you meet with your employer, it is important you know what you want to gain from the conversation. This could include access to information about health assessments or benefits programs, a leave of absence, workplace accommodations, or a path to exit the workplace or retire from the workforce.

It is also important to know that your employer may ask you to share medical information. For your employer to access your medical information, it must:

  • require the information to determine your job responsibilities or workplace accommodations;
  • protect your privacy when the information has to be shared with other people; and
  • ensure it follows any relevant labour relations agreements, such as when a collective agreement is in place. 

If your employer requests information unrelated to your job responsibilities or a workplace accommodation, then you may choose not to release it.

Your employer may or may not be able to meet your needs, including requests for workplace accommodations; however, they can only make this determination after you talk to them and make any requests. By talking to your employer, they may even be able to provide you with information, offerings, and opportunities that you weren’t aware were available.

Making the most of a conversation with your employer

  • It is beneficial to you and your employer if you have consulted a doctor, and have:
    • considered if you can and want to remain in the workplace; and, as relevant,
    • acquired medical documentation that considers your job responsibilities and, as required, supports workplace accommodations or absence from work.
  • Don’t be shy to ask your employer how they can help you - whether you are planning to stay in the workforce or transition out of it. Your employer may be able to provide you access to employer-offered programs, services, or support you weren’t aware of or connect you with community-based programs, services, or support.
  • At the end of your conversation with your employer, ask what the next steps are and if your employer can summarize and share them, and any deadlines associated with them, in an email or letter.