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If you are an employer with a team member who may be showing signs of dementia, is diagnosed with dementia, or is providing care to someone with dementia, we offer information and guidance to help you support your employee and be dementia-inclusive.


Supporting my employee

Employers of employees exhibiting signs of dementia, diagnosed with dementia, or acting as a care partner for someone living with dementia often express a desire for guidance on how to talk with and support their employee. They want to ask helpful questions, share helpful information, and provide whatever type of support is within their means and the means of the organization. 

Every employee and employer will be different. This being said, we have guidance – whether you are a small family business or a large public sector institution – that can help you meet your legal obligations as an employer and go above-and-beyond to meet the needs of your employees wherever feasible.

Dementia shares warning signs with other types of health concerns, such as depression and stress. Only a doctor can provide a dementia diagnosis.

Talking to an employee diagnosed with dementia

It’s important and helpful to know that the warning signs of dementia are sometimes confused with performance issues in the workplace... Read more >

Responding to an employee diagnosed with dementia

If you are approached by an employee who has received a dementia diagnosis or is in the process of being assessed for dementia, it is important to listen to what they are seeking from you... Read more >

Facilitating good communication

If you are interested in improving your communication with an employee showing signs of dementia or diagnosed with dementia, there are some common practices that can be helpful... Read more >

Supporting employees who are care partners

One in five Canadians have experience providing care for someone with dementia. More than a quarter of Canadians over the age of 45 are providing care to a family member or close friend with a long-term illness at home. Read more >

The role of employment benefits and community supports

Whether or not your employee can and wants to stay in the workplace upon receiving a dementia diagnosis, they will require information about how staying or leaving the workplace will affect them. Read more >

Support on the job

If you have an employee diagnosed with dementia or acting as a care partner that is seeking support to stay in the workplace, the three most important things you can do as an employer or supervisor are... Read more >

Exiting the workplace

For employees diagnosed with dementia, it is a progressive disease and there will come a time when your employee is no longer able to carry out the essential duties of their job. For dementia care partners... Read more >

Service and support for people with dementia and their care partners

The Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories offers an early intervention program, called First Link, that connects people living with dementia and their care partners to the services and support available in their area of the province. Both health professionals and individuals themselves can contact a First Link coordinator at 1-866-950-5465.