Encouraging dementia-inclusive culture

Encouraging dementia-inclusive culture

With the increasing prevalence of dementia in Alberta, including amongst younger Albertans, many employers want to do more to build stronger relationships with and support employees impacted by dementia. This can be aided by taking steps to foster a dementia-inclusive workplace where employees understand dementia, how to support and involve people impacted by dementia, and the types of programs, services, and supports available to people impacted by dementia. Positive relationships are built on a foundation of respect, care, and trust, and having a culture that values and supports people impacted by dementia will encourage everyone to contribute to a strong foundation.  

Nearly 50,000 Albertans are diagnosed with a form of dementia in 2021. That number is expected to almost double by 2030.

Over 4,800 younger Albertans - people between the ages of 40 and 65 and likely to be in the workforce - are diagnosed with dementia. That’s nearly 10% of diagnosed Albertans.


If you are interested in encouraging or helping your employer to foster a culture that is more supportive and inclusive for people impacted by dementia, consider:

  • Directing your employer to learn more by reading the dementia-inclusive employer section of this website.
  • Asking them to share brain health tips and activities from the resources section of this website with your colleagues.
  • Asking them if they have thought about simple design changes in your workplace can support people living with dementia (e.g., availability of signage, quiet places to work).
  • Asking them if they have thought about offering employee programs (e.g., benefits, flexible work schedule) to support people affected by dementia or, if there is one or more programs, how it is set up to support people affected by dementia.
  • Asking them if they have a compiled list or can compile a list of community-offered programs, services, and support for people affected by dementia.

Can sharing information about dementia really help improve relationships in the workplace?

YES! Unfortunately, there are a lot of stereotypes and misinformation about dementia. Sharing facts and talking openly about people’s experiences with dementia can help people feel more confident talking to and engaging with people affected by dementia, working alongside someone affected by dementia, and supporting or even advocating for people affected by dementia. The more information we have about dementia and people’s unique experiences with it, the greater our ability to invest in open, caring, and supportive relationships with people impacted by dementia.